Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions about eligibility, please click here.

I have been deferred in the past, what can I do to increase my chances of not being deferred this year?
If you have been deferred from donating blood in the past, please click here for a list of helpful hints that may help you this time around.

I just got a tattoo, can I still donate blood?

If you received your tattoo from a state-regulated entity using sterile needles and ink that is not reused, you should be clear to donate blood. Forty-eight states currently regulate tattoo facilities and NH, MA, VT and ME are all regulated.

How can my company or organization get involved in the blood drive?

We love to have support from the businesses that surround us and employ the wonderful donors who attend the drive every year. Please consider participating in the Corporate Challenge or send us an email if you are looking to support the drive in another fashion.

Who is Gail Singer?

Gail Singer is the late wife of Gary Singer, owner of Merchants Automotive Group. The Singer Family is the founder of Merchants Motors and has been involved in the Greater Manchester community for over 50 years. Their philanthropic efforts have helped to aid many people, places and organizations throughout the state. To learn more, please visit click here.


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